RevOZ Capital: The Future is Now


The RevOZ Capital team is dedicated to building a first class investing platform for Opportunity Zones.  To that end, there are several updates to share with our community:

1. High quality real estate deals. 

Team RevOZ has been hard at work evaluating and filtering innumerable deals in O-Zones.  Our focus is to find the strongest developers with institutional quality projects in opportunity zones and provide them with joint venture equity.  Our pipeline is solid, growing daily, and we recently closed on our first investment.  We have secured proprietary access to deals in multiple asset classes in key target markets with deal level leveraged returns in the 12%-18% range.  Contact us if you are interested in investing at the deal level.

2. Differentiated GP Fund

Within our subset of deals that we like best, we have created a multi-asset fund that support developers with GP Capital, which has the potential to earn enhanced returns and diversification.

3. Additions to Team RevOZ. 

To support our growth, we continue to add to our team.  Melanie Belger has joined as CFO, Alton Moore has joined as Operations Associate, and Matt Simon is our new Analyst.  Please welcome our new members!

4. Policy Focus.

Without understanding the regulatory environment properly, we see the potential for noncompliance and poor strategy.  Since early last year, we have made it a focus to deeply understand the Opportunity Zone policy landscape and to get involved in the process.  To that end, we have made two trips to Washington DC, several to Sacramento, and are spearheading the first association of Opportunity Zones stakeholders.  By living in and leading the O-Zone ecosystem, we believe that our focus will keep us ahead of the curve as this emerging industry takes off.

Lisa Merage