2013 - 2018


In May of 2013, the Bhathal family acquired the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise as principle co-owners of the Vivek Ranadive-led ownership group.  Raj Bhathal was named Vice Chairman and Alternate Governor.  Alex Bhathal was appointed to the Executive Board and Real Estate Committee Member.

Since the acquisition, ownership focused on a simple and monumental task: utilize the community unifying strength of the Kings brand to facilitate the revitalization of the downtown core in Sacramento.  By the end of 2018, that dream has become a reality; for most observers the progress has been verifiable and occurred at warp speed.



Now that the core projects spearheaded by the Sacramento Kings ownership group and the Bhathal family are racing towards completion, the question remains as to whether the investment can be viewed as a one off success, or will it inspire additional transformational development within the urban core?  The answer thus far is a resounding 'yes‘ for future growth. 

The number of downtown jobs has increased 38 percent, according to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, a city economic development group. In the last year, 27 new stores have opened and 23 others are scheduled to open this year. So much construction is happening that the city has decided to hire two dozen new employees to process applications and building permits.